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  • Norman Nardini on

    yo to da hunchers munchers and late fer lunchers….lets yak ’bout ALONE 15…what a delight, I do so enjoy workin’ these hits, me n’ Tom in an empty room. You think it’s easy? You try it…..kicked off by stating my names and titles, of which there are many….fell into a rap about Jersey characters, The Spinner and Race Track Mike, also mentioned how folks in Jersey really appreciate a guy that can talk some shit….broke into our theme song, “It Ain’t A Party”……I then enlightened folks as to how lady should enter a room, I know ’bout shit like dat….was proud as a ruttin’ buck to brag on my ole bud, Felix Kos, and his band The Hurricanes…..gave a short rap on the first interactions I had with legendary West Virginia act, The Brett Cain Band, talked about pissin’ in a bucket and 7 hour rehearsals in sub freezing temps….also played one verse of “Any Fool But Me”…..strapped on a G tuning geetar and played “Corn Bread”……tried to explain how bein’ a minimalist and a traditionalist have shaped the way I live and approach music making….not interested in plugging’ my geetar into effect pedals….this subject seems to promote conversation from folks that have a different viewpoint…..played “When I Get There”…..was really excited to talk about transferring old Diamond Reo tapes to digital format….got a live LP cut in Celina Ohio for Red Eye Productions that is delicious featuring songs like “Satisfied” “Bad News” “Vengance”…..have a few mixed masters that just need mastering, “Roxanna” “Ball n’ Chain”….also have 16 track masters that need mixed….4 cover tunes, “Burnin’ Love” “Gone Dead Train” “Johnny Too Bad” and Sam Cooke”s “Shake”, plus about 12 originals, including “High Roller” “Skin n’ Bone” “Shake Down” “Dangerous Stranger”….lookin’ to git The Diamonds stuff ready for 2021……played “All She Wants To Hear”…talked about a possible release of some live Norman shit cut on the Southside when Springsteen played with The Houserockers….including tunes like “Fat Of The Land” “Color Blind” “Nothing To Lose”….also could include my poem that the evil empire says is the reason for my being blackballed….got off on a rap about humor, and it’s importance when tryin’ to relate to people, this led to playin’ the song “Clown”…..told a totally inappropriate story about late night parting in Jersey…..sang “Happy Birthday” to my friend Tall Paul…..spoke of the origins of the song “Have Nots” then played it…..played “Look What You Done” on keys…..told a couple story’s about the police showing’ up at gigs and the havoc that shit can bring……ran outta time so I hit one verse of “It Ain’t A Party”….god damn we have fun runnin’ down the shit, hope yawl enjoy it aa much as we do….wish I knew how to get more folks to tune in….got any idea’s?

  • norman nardini on

    hey good lookin’, ‘ow you doin’?…..lets do a recap of October 9th’s ALONE 14…started off the show yakin’ ’bout The Triangle and Rudy’s, two legendary Monongahela Ave sandwich joints….sat down on da keys and did our Alone theme song “It Ain’t A Party”…ripped a shout out to our buddy Shari Richards, then started bitchin’ ’bout Whitey breakin’ my balls, he had said, “Norman uses a teleprompter when he’s doin’ his ALONE shows”…he knows and we all know that ain’t true but dat prick loves breakin’ my balls….this led me into talkin’ ’bout song writing…I made the point that, if you write song lyrics that make sense, it much easier to remember them…..Bimbo Ciconi’s name came up, cool name, right?…..sent “Dust Pan Annie” out to my sister who was in the hospital at the time…performed “Photograph” for the first time, it’s a song about our old Tiger softball team from back in the 80’s….told the story of how “Beadman” got his name…did “Circle Jerk”….talked about two ole West Virginia Mountaineer football players, Dingle and Berry, no shit, I ain’t makin’ that up….did “Pittsburgh PA”…told some gruesome stories ’bout dislocating my shoulder…onstage at a Ruby Starr show in West Virginia and in the NYC passport office….did new song “Soon” then “The Tree”…..we went over a portion of the year 1981, brought up shows opening up for Alice Cooper and The Pretenders…which led to my belief that, doin’ the gigs and livin’ the life is the reward……did “Young”….digressed into conversation about lighting farts….I was hacking’ up da keys on “Game On” as Tom shut down the circus….all n’ all, a great show, and as always, it flew bye in the wink of an eye

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