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  • Norman Nardini on

    ‘ow you doin’…locked down?…been crazy, right?, no shit…..hope yawl have been tryin’ to make the most of what these crazy times have to offer…I know that I have…been spending’ countless hours tryin’ to find the best music that might be inside me…written a few tunes recently…”Soon” “Young” “Hot Chihuahua” “It Ain’t A Party’…once a song is written, then, it’s time to develop the song thru performance. I’ve been using our ALONE SERIES of shows to showcase these new ones and bring to life old hunks that have been layin’ around for years….tunes like “Photograph” “Game On” “Dance A Little Closer”…..the toughest part of doin’ these ALONE shows is performing by myself…it’s not easy for me to present material ALONE, and yet, I try and try and try….here’s me hopin’ that yawl will find some time to check out our ALONE SERIES shows….we do them every other friday evening…got one comin’ up this friday, from 7:00-9:00 in the evening…you can find them on my Norman Nardini Music Facebook page…you can also find them on You Tube, and also, right here at Norman Nardini.com……if you’ve seen our shows and would like to comment, please do so right here…we appreciate your feedback, thats how we learn to do shit better……..locked down, and loaded with bullshit, here I stand

  • norman nardni on

    this website has been down for a few weeks, but, we’re back baby, we’re back….strange times indeed…no gigs, no STARLITE LOUNGE, damn, things have changed….one thing hasn’t changed, my commitment, to my craft….these days find me in constant search of better ways to present the material that I’m now doin’ in solo performances……..must admit, I really miss playin’ with the guys, also miss our Starlite family…but. I do know that things will get back to normal….this comin’ Friday, July 31, we’re gonna do a new live stream….been preparing for a few weeks….tunes like “All She Wants To Hear” “Till I’m Not” “America’s Son” “All Growed Up” “It Ain’t A Party”…..will be slapped around Friday evenin’…..I hope you’ve had a chance to catch some of our Norman Nardini Alone Series……you can find all our shows right here on this website…….keep yer good eye on us, we wanna git wit ya

  • norman nardini on

    Sunday evening’ March 26…..I’ve been tryin’ to focus on older tunes…would love to sharpen up some things from my tainted past….but, new songs just keep banging’ down my door….got four very cool tunes written this year…I’m fertile as a fiddle…..”Happy New year”, written on New Years eve has a gentle roll to that is hypnotic….”Git Down” is written in a 12 bar pattern that could go alot a’ ways, shuffle, straight beat, two beat……”Boom Boom” is a funky thing that is gonna be so god damn delicious……”Clown”, I’m playin’ it in a minor key wit a swingy 12 bar roll to it, it just feels so good…..off n’ runnin’ in this 2019….”NOTORIOUS” will be comin’ out any minute….I’M ALIVE……

  • Stephen Taylor on

    Been rockin’ with Stormin’ Norman for 30+ years. I was a neighbor of Norman’s and my brother and I loved Diamond Reo (not the lame country act!) and the Tigers, although I was still in my teens and couldn’t yet get into Fat City and the other Pittsburgh clubs where they gigged. I’m not sure Norman knows this, but he was responsible for my becoming a musician. Had he not lent us patchcords and microphones, I may never have jumped up and sang in the first place! He was always very supportive of our music endeavers. My first band recorded in Norm’s Waverly St. studio. Our love for Norman and his music set me on a path of musical discovery that hasn’t ended yet. I now play guitar, keys and sing. Thanks, Norman! Love ya ta bits!! –Screamin’ Steven.

  • norman nardini on

    woof……2019 we salute you, hope yer da mutha of all years……didn’t gig New Years Eve, stayed home….against my will, I was approached by a song….this song then demanded to be written…..I’m like, dude, I got a ton a tunes need some love, ain’t lookin’ t’ write no song….song got pissed n’ broke me down, so, I went t’ work…..stayed up all night…worked the next 3 or 4 days on this simple slice a heaven….’lil thing called “Happy new year”, oddly enough, conceived on New Years Eve…….played it at Fridays STARLITE gig outta the blue, didn’t plan on it…just started playin’ the riff n’ the guys jumped on it, so, it’s already had a comin’ out party of sorts……..been workin’ on “Till I’m Not as well…got Whitey Clyde Cooper cookin’ up some BGV sauce……..”Angel” gitten’ some love 2…….simmerin’ in da pot “Under The Radar” “Universe”…………booked a show in the Great Alcohol State of New Jersey for Feb 23….all excited t’ see my ole Jersey gang, HUGE FUN……….party on

    • Rich Green on

      Norm, I was at your show last night at The Starlite. 1/25/19. I’ve been following you since The Decade years. Ive seen you at the Starlite 4 or 5 times. I just wanted to tell you know that more than enjoying the music, your lyrics, your jokes and the overall entertainment quality, the most important thing that I leave with after seeing you is that your show just makes me HAPPY! Thanks and keep on rocking!

      Please tell Larry that his version of Hallelujah was tremendous.

  • norman nardini on

    woof…..2019 it’s here n’ rollin’ on…..didn’t gig New Years Eve, stayed home n’ started writing’ a new tune. Didn’t plan on it, just happened…..it’s called “Happy New Year”, crazy right?…..turned out t’ be pretty cool, haunting in an uplifting way….ain’t sure if it’s finished yet, but I started playin’ at Friday’s gig n’ the guys picked it up real quick so I just let ‘er rip…..think it’s gonna be a mutha….also been workin’ on “Till I’m Not”….got Whitey Clyde Cooper workin’ on some feel good vocals t’ dress it up a ‘lil…..”Angel” is in da wings as well…….got a couple that I’m grooming’…”Any Fool But Me” “Universe” “Under The Radar”…..puttin’ together the cover for “NOTORIOUS” this week, I hope……just booked a show in Jersey for next month, Feb 23……..yo, I’m barkin’ like a dog, scratching’ like a hound, won’t be long till I’m Jersey bound…….I’ll give ya a smack

  • norman nardini on

    2019, how are you?…..2018, in the rearview……didn’t wanna write songs in ’18, wanted t’ work on singin’, detailing songs that I’ve already written, and studying songs that I didn’t write, Sounds like fun, right?….and yes, it’s been great fun, but new songs just kept creeping’ in…..lets start with with the 5 new songs that have seen the light of day……1. on October 19 I started writing’ “Under The radar”, a song about my ole band, Norman Nardini and the Tigers. I’ve only played it solo, and, I’ve never actually completed a performance of it, but I’ve snuck snippets of it into STARLITE LOUNGE shows. This tune will develop right before your eyes in the comin’ months. 2. “Universe”, another tune that hasn’t progressed past the solo performance stage. It’s inspired by the atmosphere we’ve developed at our steady Friday evening’ shows at STARLITE. 3. “By The Pound” is being played live, got an ole Stonesy feel to it, words are about my crazy heritage. 4. “When I Get There”, written in June, has become a standout tune in our live show. Back in the early 90’s I wrote a tune called, “When I Die And Go To Hell”, this tune is a different look at after life, my favorite new tune. 5. written in April, “Kingfish” is all about the late great Warren King, I bet that new verses will appear as I continue to remember my dear ole friend. Made the decision to make sure that rhythm of this tune was infectious. Although I’ve never been to New Orleans, my respect for the NOLA musical legacy always seems to grow……”Kingfish”, “Messin’ With The Law” and, a recently re-rhythmed “412” are all showing a link to classic NOLA beats………as ’17 was turning’ into ’18 I was stressing’ over a couple tunes that have earned their keep, “Till I’m Not” and “Dust Pan Annie”…..I also brought back a couple older numbers, “Any Fool But Me”, a song that the incredible Brett Cain Band recorded years ago and “Town With No Name”, a tune that, I felt, needed some gentle re-writing, added a new “bridge” to “Any Fool” as well……gotta handful a tunes that are in various stages of development….”Tore Up From The Floor Up”, is a song about a volatile relationship….”Mutha Green” is a mutha…..”Hillbilly Heart” is all about my hillbilly queen…..”I Get A Lot Outta Life” is lyrical bad attitude at it’s finest…..”Blue Avenue” ’bout da dark side…….just last night, New Years Eve 2019, I was minding’ my own god damn business when a mean n’ nasty force made me start up a another new song, against my will….put a lotta hour’s n’ brain power into it, too soon t’ know if it’s any good…..for now, I’m calling’ it, “Have A Good God Damn Happy New Year”, for now……..hey, from my ass t’ yer ass…..”Have A Good God Damn Happy New Year”

  • norman nardini on

    hey now……..2018, damn…..rollin’ on thru……been working’ to fix up the studio on Monongahela Ave, hope to start doing some recording on a regular basis, video’s as well………also hoping to finish the mix for NOTORIOUS in the next few months…..need to get started doing the overdubs for Mark Stutso’s new LP……….got a couple very cool new tunes this year already….”No Mo” and “Dust Pan Annie” are both killer hunks a meat….all excited ’bout bringing’ those tunes to a high level….stayin’ busy…..

  • norman nardini on

    hey now……hope ya’ll had a great year……didn’t plan on writing’ songs in 2017, it just happened…..I’ve got so much older, under developed music that I need to detail that I try get that caught up…..but. new tunes just keep coming…….a couple tunes from 2016 were on my mind as ’16 turned in ’17…..”412″ and “Have Nots”, both songs have held up fairly well…….in early January ’17 I was finishing up vocals for the soon to come “NOTORIOUS” Lp, also I was writing the final vocal ad libs for “Life” and “Ole Number 21″……I also spent ’17 rewriting a couple old tunes that kept calling me back….”How In The Hell” and “Angel” and “The Man Who Loves You”……had a blast takin’ these ole hunks a meat n’ breathing new life into ’em……in February I started writing 3 new numbers “Motley Crew” “Hole In My Heart” and Notorious”, none of these three has seen the light a’ day, but their waiting their time to be developed…..in March I started a new one called “Where You Is?”, ain’t seen no light….but I also worked up “She Crazy” after a Friday show at STARLITE LOUNGE and it’s worked it’s way into our shows, I also cut it for Mark Stutso’s new project…..April 6th after a STARLITE show I wrote “Ain’t Dat Some Shit”, also cut for Stutso’s new release………in May, I wrote “Salt Of The Earth” which smells like it’s gonna be a killer, just needs some love……in June Harry suggested I write a song called “Make The Devil Dance” , so I did….we’ve played it a couple times, it needs love…….on July 14th, after a STARLITE show I wrote “Messing With The Law”, also cut for Stutso, this tune is simply delicious……..on September I started a new tune called “I’m Gonna Live”…….on October 1st i started “One Bright Thing Morning”….on October 3rd “Doing Wrong Right”………in early December my buddy Dale C, gave me the idea for “Till I’m Not” which took me back to the song I stared in October “I’m Gonna Live”, now their both the same song……December 7th started “Everybody’s Got A Story”……..December 13, I got started on “Thanksgiving”, my humble attempt to write the perfect so for the thanksgiving holiday…….on December 26 a new song came to me as I was walking our dog, Lucy……..killer tune called “No Mo”………did not plan on it, but 2017 will turn out to be a great year for NORMAN SONGS……….I am fertile, I am fresh, I am alive…….speak soon

    • Ron Stegall on

      Was an Awesome Year!

  • norman nardini on

    hey now….hope yawl’s doin’ well……..had great week……..started off Monday October 30th…Brice Foster and Darryl Rodgers had been setting’ up for a rhythm track session at the studio.since Sunday afternoon….we had hi level bass player Tom Valentine in t’ bring da bottom and Mr Mark Stutso t’ play tubs for his new LP…..spent a few hours teaching’ the guys the tune while our engineers was gitten’ shit t’ cook…..we walked away that night wit a great track for “Let’s Find A Way”…..wrote the tune a few years back, but, it has a lyric that really speaks about what we need at this time….”Lets Find a way to open up our eyes, so we can see inside each others hearts, lets find a way to open up our ears, so we can hear each other when we talk”…….we took our time wit it, think it’s gonna have a killer feel…..on Tuesday we come in n’ cut a new arrangement for “Child”, a kinda second line rhythm…..also cut “She Crazy and a wicked rhythm track for “Messin’ With The Law”, put a swing feel geetar solo in t’ jive wit da rhumba, deep shit……Wednesday was a good one did 4 tunes….”Somethin’s Cookin” “Have Nots” “Game On” “Look What You Done”……Val used t’ sing “Look What You Done” for years when he was with the master Glenn Pavone in The Cyclones…….Thursday was a long hard session, took a while t’ git da feel for “Ain’t Dat Some Shit”, but we hung wit it…..”I Hate A Nickel” was a blast as Tom “the love man” Valentine just added his special sauce to da gumbo…..cut 10 rhythm tracks, a ton a work, but I think we nailed it….Stutso will be coming’ back t’ town soon to sing lead vocals…..Friday, me n’ mine, Larry Siefers, Harry Bottoms and special guest Whitey Cooper played STARLITE LOUNGE….we did a 2 and a half hour first set and a 1 and a half hour second set, manful……hardly slept at all before Harry n’ High showed up t’ leave for our 12:00 noon duo gig at LEAF and BEAN in the STRIP……..really enjoyed playing two piece to bunch a’ new faces………lookin’ forward to finishing’ out this year with more gigs and more hi level recording action…….I’m alive as I can be…..lovin’ this life I live……..thankful

  • SherryJug on

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  • norman nardini on

    hey now……was jus’ “you tubin”, checkin’ out tunes dat snap my girdle……Randy Newman’s “Sail Away”…..Willie Nelson’s “The Last Thing I Needed”…….Greg Allman’s “Midnight Rider”………then I got stuck on my main man Steve Earle “I Don’t Wanna Lose You Yet” “Someday”………..so then I go deep n’ start obsessing’ over “The Other kind”, love dat hunk a meat….it took me back to a time in the early 1990’s when we was touring’ Germany wit The Blues Brother’s…….we had our own bus and “The Other Kind” was our theme song…..I love it when Earle sings the lines….”there are those that break and bend, I’m the other kind”………those words gave me strength then, they give me even more strength now……as the years go rollin’ by, I still find myself to be the black sheep of the Pittsburgh rock scene…….it used to bother me that I was not included with the other so called rockers…..it don’t bother me no more, it makes me proud dat I’ve stood alone all these years…………

  • norman nardini on

    hey now……it’s Sunday night, n’ Sunday night’s always got me thinking’ ’bout the new week….shit I gotta git done, I’m always making’ a shit I gotta git done list……I love dat our garbage pickup is Monday morning’, every Sunday night I take out da garbage……been working’ on a newly rewritten “How In The Hell”, it’s starting’ t’ take shape, got a new bridge dat I put a ton a’ time into developing’……7 or 8 hours t’ come up wit 2 lines……..details details.details……..been loving’ new tune “She Crazy”, I didn’t really think it would git over so well, it jus’ feels right…….also been bringing’ back “Three Times Your Fool”, never thought that I was the right guy t’ sing it, but, I’m starting’ t’ develop a thing for it……….ole bud Kenny Blake played wit us last night in Somerset PA, had some large fun…..Kenny was talking’ ’bout playing’ gigs wit Big Pussy from The Soprono’s……..BIG PUSSY, love that…….life going’ on, love that……..

  • norman nardini on

    hey now……damn, it’s already April…..time flys by when yer havin’ big fun……speakin’ of song writin’, i haven’t been tryin’ t’ write new tunes, but tunes still seem t’ pop up…..this year already, i’ve written a few…..”Motley Crew” “Hole In My Heart” “Notorious” Where You Is?” “She Crazy” “Ain’t Dat Some Shit”……plus i rewrote the lyric’s to an ole tune, “How In The Hell”….also wrote new lyric sections to “Ole # 21” and “Life”, both will be on the new upcomin’ LP….”NOTORIOUS”……….also wrote a killer tune at the end of ’16…..”All She Wants To Hear”…….seems dat i can’t keep up wit myself…..my brain jus’ rolls out some shit, i can’t even stop it……….tunes tunes n’ more tunes….carry on…..

  • norman nardini on

    ‘ow you doin’?……..2016 is windin’ down, it’s been a great year……did a bunch a’ recordin’ for our new LP release, it will come out in ’17, ain’t sure which month…….tunes like “Josey Wales” “Ole Number 21” “The Tree” “Wonder” “It Is What It Is”…..plus tunes ya’ll ain’t heard before, “Life Is What You Make It” “Girl With A Gun”……..ole bud, Bubs McKeag is doin’ a great job on BG vocals, Larry plays some baritone sax, Lamont Samuels bangs some mandy……….i got a good good feelin’ bout it……..don’t have a name for it yet……did a bunch a’ gigs in ’16, Jersey, Cleveland, Erie, West Virginia…….started doin’ our Friday happy hour shows at the STARLITE LOUNGE, love doin’ it, it really helps to keep the band sharp, my boys are gig ready….this year we really started doin’ long shows, we git up on stage n’ we don’t stop, love stayin’ on long……hope t’ start doin’ some simple video recordings at the studio in ’17…..small teams, 2 or 3 guys doin’ stripped down takes a’ Norman tunes, can’t wait t’ git started on that in January…..wrote a few good tunes this year, “All She Wants To Hear Is The Blues” “The 412″……hell yes 2016 has been a good year……been hangin’ with Whitey lately, Vinny Q is comin’ over t’ hang after the holidays, Lamont is been doin’ the hang…….did my second apperance at the WYEP Holiday Hootenanny, got a chance to interact with some of the young musicians this year, hope t’ git t’ know some a’ these up comers better……my piano playin’ is improving very slowly, enjoyin’ that, plan on stickin’ with my pianny study, it’s good for my craniun, calms my crazy mind……..couldn’t be more thankful for this amazin’ life i’m livin’…….it sure is good t’ be ALIVE………

    • Elaine Robbins on

      Knowing that somewhere you are playing your music makes this world a better place .

  • Lisa palm on

    Where is Starlite? sorry to be so lame.

  • norman nardini on

    hey now……how you doin’?…….it’s crazy how i have no idea who might be readin’ this, but, i want to inform whoever that someone might be……….lets go back to monday and tuesday august 29 n’ 30th, did 3 hours a’ vocal n’ pianny work each day……on wednesday me n’ Whitey got together t’ work on an arrangement of “Little Things” for him t’ sing, we also went over “My Girl” in a new key……..had a dream the night before and my ole song, “When Will I Ever Learn” was the dream’s sound track so i spent a few hours rewritin’ some a the lyrics t’ that ole hunk a meat, love that tune…….also spent a bunch a time workin’ the melody to “Steady As A Rock”………3 more hours on thursday september 1st…..did the STARLITE on friday the 2nd….on saturday we drove up t’ Cleveland n’ played WILBERTS…ole buddy Kim Farinacci sat in on the last tune, “Route 66″….my muffler blew out n’ me n’ Harry drove home in a loud rumblin’ sound….went right right back to vocal studies on sunday, did ’bout 3 hours, same on monday………made a real rough demo of “The 412” on wednesday, sent it out to a friend t’ see if he might wanna sing it……did a 4 hour vocal session on wednesday the 7th, tried t’ find the right voice for “Three Kings In Memphis”….on thurs, we did 3 hours singin’ “The Horse”, love that tune, i think we really cut a great version……played the STARLITE on friday n’ Lamont Samuels was our guest……..as always, he played dobro, mandy, accordian, guitar and sang his ass off, what a great guy……did MOONDOGS on saturday n’ had Whitey come out t’ sing n’ play percussion with us, it worked out well, Larry was outta town, so i thought this would be a good chance t’ git Whitey workin, he played drums on “That Girl” and it was crushin’………movin’ onward, always movin’ onward………

  • Kerry Hutchinson on

    Are t shirts available?

  • norman nardini on

    hey now……been cuttin’ grass like crazy……monday august did 3 n’ a half hours a’ vocal n’ pianny work…..tuesday 3 hours…..wednesday in’ a half…..thursday had Larry over n’ we worked on “High Times”, learnin’ the clavinet licks……Whitey come over after Larry n’ we worked on him singin’ “Little Things”….did a couple hours of my own work later that evening…….played the STARLITE on friday n’ Whitey Cooper, Katie Simone, Texas Tex n’ Robert “Pecky” Peckman came out to sit in…….after the gig i spent 3 hours writin’ a new tune, “All She Wants To Hear Is The Blues”…..didn’t git much done saturday but did about 4 hours a’ vocal n’ pianny work sunday…..me n’ Kathy went to my niece Rena’s son, Aiden’s 1st birthday party….it was hot as hell, hung wit JP’s mom Peggy……carry on

  • norman nardini on

    hey now…….summer’s flyin’ by, ain’t it?…..monday august 15th i went to funeral home t’ see Bob Teets who was a friend of my father and he was also my sisters best friend Sue’s father great guy, 88 years old when he passed…….did 2 n’ a half hours of vocal stuff….didn’t work on tuesday, our electric was out for 16 hours….did 3 n’ a half hours of vocal work on wednesday…..on thursday we drove to Erie Pa n’ played a show downtown in the band shell by the Mayor’s office……played STARLITE LOUNGE on friday n’ did BIRDIE’S LANDING on saturday……..nice week a’ work……today i did some clean up stuff at the studio on Monongahela Ave….

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