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  • Norman Nardini on

    hello darkness, my ole friend….Paul Simon said it, great line, right?….here to do an overview of NNS14, the second set of our first gig back at STARLITE after the pandemic….big thanks to Tom Weber for recording the show and bringin’ it to ya…..kicked off wit “Boilermaker”, I made two mistakes, just to prove how human I am….”412″ was a gas, love Larry’s piano work on it, and Flo’s rock steady groove..”Over Said and Done” “Rock You”, think my sister requested it….called ole bud Don McGirk up to play tubs on a couple “Whore In Church” and “Shama Lama Ding Dong”…….did “Three Times Your Fool” “Nickel” “Nothing To Lose” “Circle Jerk” and “Smoke Two Joints” with an appearance by Mr Vincent Super Dog Price….we’re back baby, we’re back….gotta check myself, I was swearin’ too much….

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